• SESSION I: 5:30p - 6:30pm (Novice & Intermediate Swimmers)
  • SESSION II: 6:30p - 7:45pm (Intermediate + & Advanced Swimmers)

Swim times and practice structure may be modified with as much advanced notice as possible.

1. All swimmers are expected to attend practices. We understand if you are unable to attend all practices every week. The Bluefish is a considerable investment of time. However, if you hardly attend practices, do not expect to be placed in an event during a meet.

2. Practices are not free swims. While every attempt is made to make your experience an enjoyable one, we are primarily looking to make all team members stronger swimmers through a combination of technique and endurance drills.

3. Lane Assignments and times are not permanent. It is quite possible for your child to switch lanes at the discretion of the coaches. This is not only done to maximize your child’s performance, but also that of other swimmers and the team as a whole.

4. 2021/2022 Season - We will be starting off the year with parents NOT attending practices to accomodate COVID protocols and concerns.

Additionally, we ask you not to discuss items with the coaches during practice time. If you have questions, feel free to ask them between sessions or through e-mail. Please understand that the coaches are there for your children, and disrupting them during drills will only take away from your child’s progress.

5. If your swimmer is ill and cannot attend a practice or a meet, e-mail a coach ASAP.

6. If there are conflicts with the schedule, allow us the opportunity to talk and work them out if possible in order to keep the swimmer part of the team. Please talk to us!

7. Eat a nutritious meal at least an hour and a half before practice. Drink only water; candy, junk food, and fruit juices are not recommended.

Cancellations - If school is cancelled, or if school is dismissed early, practice will be cancelled. A cancellation notice will be sent through e-mail, the team’s Facebook page, placed on WHAI 98.3 FM RADIO, and a message will be left on the MPRD Office answering machine.


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SESSION I – Individuals who’ve never swam competitively, and/or still at the beginning stages of stroke development.

  • Confidence and endurance building – We allow time for each new swimmer to become more comfortable in the water, and build up endurance for longer distance swims.
  • Practices - Typically, light and enjoyable to motivate and encourage future participation.
  • Simple drills – Beginning of season – 25 yd. sprints; Mid-End of season – 50 yd. sprints

Use kick boards and fins to allow for longer distances and muscle development

SESSION II - Individuals who have prior swim team experience, and/or have demonstrated general competency in basic stroke techniques.

  • Practice Drills - Beginning of season - 1,300 yards/practice; Mid-End of season – 2,000 yards/ practice
  • Use kick boards and fins to allow for longer distances and muscle development
  • Practice turns twice a week
  • Learns to use clock while swimming.
  • Relays once a week, with sprints on a regular basis.

In addition, individuals who have considerable swim team experience, and/or have demonstrated a strong competency in all strokes and turns...

  • Practice Drills - Beginning of season - 1,600 yards/practice; Mid-End of season – 3,000 yards/ practice
  • Use kick boards and fins to allow for longer distances and muscle development
  • Regularly practices turns, as well as, relays and sprints using the clock.

Be healthy - stay healthy. We ask that you eat a nutritious meal at least an hour and a half before practice and meet warm-ups. Drink only water. Candy or junk food are not recommended for those seeking optimum performance.

Montague Bluefish Swim Team

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